PAC Celebrates Buwan ng Wika 2018

Realizing the essence of our national language, the Philippine Advent College commemorated a month-long celebration of Buwan ng Wika 2018. The administrators, faculty and students convened together at Dona Felomina S. Macias Gymnasium August 7-29, 2018 to celebrate the affair. The theme was “Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik”.

The objective of the commemoration was to show importance to our national language and encourage all government agencies together with private sector to be a part of the program in order to raise civic consciousness of our very own language.

The highlight of the celebration was the search for Ginoong Ambassador and Binibining Ambassadress of the college. It was represented by seven ladies and seven gentlemen from the different courses such as: Education, Business, Nursing, HRM, Computer, Senior High and Junior High. The candidates were featured in their indigenous attire, native attire and question and answer portion.

Elsie Gumoc, the candidate from Senior High School was crowned as Bb Ambassadress and Lennon Ursonal from Education Department as Ginoong Ambassador. Other winners were Prisley Arantao and Zhyril Shane Pamunag as Ambassadres and Ambassador of Luzon; Weliza Mensuaiz and Cristituto Pecore of Visayas; Sheena Jean Rago and Christian Divinagracia of Mindanao.

The Judges were Dr. Matilde Benito, Dr. Letecia Espina, Ms. Zwitzal Vergara, Ms. Julie Ubas and Mrs. Lovely Lumucso. Aside from the search there was also a contest on interpretative dance, solo, slogan making, quiz bee, cultural dance and poster making. The Education department garnered the first place in interpretative dance, solo and slogan while nursing department won first in Quiz bee, Cultural dance and poster making contest.


by: Dhory Jane Batlag

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