Keenly aware of the advantages of good Christian Education in forming good character of their children and other SDA children, Judge and Mrs. Mariano JS Macias with the strong support from, the members of the Seventh-Day Adventists church of Sindangan, and from the neighboring towns of Zamboanga del Norte, decided to open in 1975 an SDA Elementary School in Mandih, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte.  Judge Mariano JS Macias was the former town mayor of Sindangan.  He was later appointed and elected as a regional assemblyman of the Autonomous Region IX for many terms.  A big boost to the project of opening SDA Elementary School was the generous donation of twenty-one hectares (21 has.) of land located in Mandih, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte by late Doña Felomina Singuillo Vda. De Macias, mother of Judge Mariano JS Macias who also served as Mayor of Sindangan.  The temporary buildings on the school site were made of light materials, bamboo flooring, cogon roofing and sawali (bamboo splits) walling.  A building housed the small offices and six classrooms.  Two dormitories, one for boys and one for girls were also constructed also of light materials.  Simple teacher’s cottages were also made around the school building, all of light materials.

Enrolment grew every year.  More parents, SDA and non-SDA realized the value of Christian Education offered at the SDA elementary School, and they sent their children to study there.  With God’s blessings, the Junior Academy was added in 1977, then the full academy on 1978.  It was then known as Hillside View Academy.  In 1979 HVA produced the first batch of High School graduates:

In 1983 the college department was opened which offered the Liberal Arts Course and later gained government recognition No. 001, series of 1985.  The School became known as Hillside View College.  The Midwifery course was offered and granted recognition in 1986 with Government Recognition No. 037, series of 1986.

For security reasons the building of Hillside View College located before at Barrio Mandih, had to move to the town of Sindangan in 1985.  Permanent buildings were constructed.  The first batch of the college graduates was presented in 1986.

In 1987 the name Hillside View College was changed to Philippine Advent College due to the fact that the new location was no longer relevant to the name Hillside View College.

In addition to Liberal Arts and Midwifery, PAC also offers the following courses: Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (BSED), Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSEED), Junior Secretarial Course all of which gained Government Recognition and ONE YEAR NURSING AIDE with Government Rec. No. 001, series of 1995.

PAC seeks to improve its delivery of services to the masses and to the Seventh-day Adventist Young People of Western part of Mindanao by opening more short term and four-year degree course.

In the pursuit of AQUALITY and EXCELLENCE Relevance and Responsiveness, and Access and Equity, PAC acquired the following achievements:

1. Awarded by the DECS and DANGEROUS DRUG BOARD of the Philippines as the NATIONAL CHAMPION during the S.Y. 1992-1993 representing Region IX on tertiary level. COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION PROGRAM (COSDAPP).

2. Rank No. 1 in the province of Zamboanga del Norte and No. 04 in the Region in the PBET passing percentage for the School Years 1991 to 1993 as published by the DECS in the newspaper, Philippine Star Vol. 8 No. 224 page No. 6 entitled the 300 TOP PERFORMING COLLEGES IN THE PHILIPPINES IN PROFESSIONAL BOARD EXAMINATION FOR TEACHERS.

3. Producing a lot of PBET & MIDWIFERY licensure examination/Board Passers; and to top it all, has obtained TOP NO. 6 (National Category) in Midwifery Board, 1993-94 in the person of MISS LYNER JOY ROCHA. The three consecutive years from the first year of producing graduates, the school of Midwifery maintained the distinction of having a 100% performance in the Board Examination.

4. The elementary and High School graduates have a good performance in NEAT & NSAT. The passing percentage is from 90% to 100%. Relevance and Excellence is one of the guideposts of PAC.  And in doing so, PAC has acquired a government permit to operate a ONE-YEAR NURSING AIDE COURSE in addition to its courses during the school year 1995-1996 with Government No. 002 series of 1995.

With burning desires and ardent love and devotion to improve the standards, quality and the physical plant of PAC, Judge Mariano JS Macias went abroad to solicit donations in cash from their personal friends, relatives and missionary minded church members who were ready to share God’s blessings to the college.

Many missionary minded brethren responded to help.  Donations in the form of equipment, facilities and cash donations were received.

There were trials and tribulations that the school experienced. The financial standing was low, the gargantum expenditures & small income is a much burden to the family of Judge Macias.  There were even some thoughts for them to give up the leadership of the college, but their love and devotion to educate the youth prevailed.  The only way to continue the operation of the college was to continue using their family resources in which they were happy to share for God’s cause.  They gave much; – invest a lot for the school without getting and gaining anything for themselves. With God’s guidance the school survived and Judge Macias and family continue to look forward to the progress of the school.

While promoting the school to their friends abroad, God opened the way for Judge Macias to meet the most generous individual named, MR. ALBERT JAGOW, who has a BIG HEART and unselfish desires to help PAC.  Fortunately Albert Jagow was the right man to talk things and dreams about PAC because he owns a big, kind generous missionary heart.  He gave help to PAC in terms of cash donations, books, and shop equipment, science & laboratory materials.

The friendship between Albert Jagow and PAC developed stronger and closer.  So, Albert kept in touch with PAC.  On March 20, 21, 23, 1996, ALBERT came to PAC as the GUEST SPEAKER of the PAC’s 21st Foundation Days so with the 16th and 11th COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES of the High School and College departments, respectively.  Albert Jagow lay down his great love, unquestionable desires and interest to help PAC.  He also elaborated his dreams and visions for PAC.

Furthermore, Albert Jagow have dreams and plans to transpose Philippine Advent College into Philippine Advent University with hi-tech methodology, hi-tech equipment, tractors, and generators to develop the farm to its fullest. To have a good and fast transportation and communication which in due point Albert planned for a private airport and quay. He still has plenty of plans for the school. PAC has grown and still going to grow more. Truly God blest this school for more souls.

The year 1996 was a date to remember Mr. Gil Micua, the ADRA Director of South Philippines, visiting PAC. He became a blessing to the school. Through him, the college made a bridge of friendship to the Singaporean friends. On December 1996, the Singaporean volunteers headed by Mr. Joseph Hwang came to PAC to build up the .5 million water system, which supports the whole campus.

On June 1997, Mr. Joseph Hwang, Mr. Alakappan Chinniah and Mr. Paul Teo came back to PAC to help in assembling the computer parts in the computer room. During this month, the Helping Hands Scholarship Program was established. They raise funds from the brethren in Singapore to support the students who wants to avail the said Scholarship program. They also gave their unending support to PAC through donations in a form of cash to establish the Balestier Computer Learning Center and they donated lots of computer units too.

On March 1998, Mr. Joseph Hwang, Mr. Alakappan Chinniah and Mr. Thaddeus Fong came back to PAC for the third time. They Conducted a One-day Computer Appreciation and Orientation Seminar at the Balestier Computer Learning Center which was attended by the government and private employees around the municipality of Sindangan. On June 1998, the group again came back to PAC during the Inauguration of the new school building. Mr. Thaddeus Fong was left behind as a missionary teacher.

On March 1999, Mr. Joseph Hwang, Mr. Alakappan Chinniah came back to the college with Mr. Alan Teo who visited PAC for the first time. They conducted a Computer Training and Seminar. Many students and teachers were benefited by their coming.

On February 16, 1999, TESDA registered PAC. The TESDA Provincial Director Dir. Hernani O. Contrivida personally came to PAC to distribute the TVET Certificate of registration for the three new computer courses, the One -year Basic Computer Programming with TVET registration Number 004; One-year Hardware Technology with TVET Registration Number 005 and Two-year Office Management Computerized Course with TVET Registration Number 003.  PAC now offers a Four-year Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Administration (BSOA) major  in office Management and Computer. The College also offers a preparatory course to any Medical Courses which is the Associate in Health Science Education (AHSE).

Due to the School’s aim to give Quality Legal Education, last June 1999, Philippine Advent College opened the College of Law which obtained RQUAT Evaluation Result of 95% and lately given permit by the Commission on Higher Education with Permit No. 027 s. 1999. In the same year, the school also received its permit to operate Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

In the year 2000, the CHED Regional Office issued the school’s Permit to Operate Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

All of these achievements are made because of the untiring love, devotion and support of Judge and Mrs. Mariano J.S. Macias and Family.

P 3,500.00
P 2,300.00
P 2,000.00
P 1,450.00
P 500.00