Alumni Chairman of the Board

It is my great pleasure to welcome each and every one of you to this first gathering of many familiar faces. This Alumni Homecoming was organized to celebrate and refresh old relationships and form a new one. An occasion such as this, I believe make as nostalgic of the pasts especially when previous friends gather together and revive the memory lanes and look forward for new interactions with new acquaintances.

However allow me first to tender my gratitude to all of you for giving your precious time to be with us today. I acknowledge that it takes a lot of sacrifices for you to set aside a time out of your hectic schedule and come over to your alma mater. It is my desire then that the experiences you will make in this few days of your stay here will be worth the sacrifices you have made.

I would like to congratulate the administrator, the faculty and staff together with the students for pooling their efforts in the preparation to make this kind of activity successful. I hope this homecoming will serve as foundation of unity not only to the present generation of batches but also to the future generations as well.

Forty four years ago, this school which was formerly located at Mandih was started with humble beginning. It was small and struggling due to lots of competitions, but God in His providence made it possible for this school to become established. This saying is always true that,” great rivers are formed by small tributaries.” It is because of the unselfish dedications of several benefactors that this school as memento of their devotions and commitments. Today, it is standing in her new location as beacon to illumine the youth who come to learn at her bosom.

Your coming back to your Alma Mater means your hearts are with Philippine Advent College. It is with great enthusiasm to tell you that while you were away, let me assure you that your Alma Mater is contributing much in the education of the youth, serving the community in her own capacity. Today our students almost cover the entire globe to make a difference to wherever they are.

I am very elated and greatly honored to see most of you holding key positions of influence in your own community. It is my dream that you will give your best to direct the development of our society positively while you uphold the good morals and inspiration of your alma mater. To all of you welcome home!.

P 3,500.00
P 2,300.00
P 2,000.00
P 1,450.00
P 500.00