Vision of Nursing

PAC-School of Nursing a center of Christian Education envisionĀ  to develop and produce globally competitive nurses, whose commitment to serve with excellence and exemplary service to mankind.

Mission of Nursing

PAC-School of Nursing is committed to:

-Provide a quality Christian Education that will furnish the maximum potential of the learners.
-Enhance their knowledge of being aware of the global concerns.
-Encourage to develop students creativity and critical thinking skills.
-Develop their skills in rendering service to mankind.
-Assume responsibilities for personal & professional growth.
-Inculcate ethico legal, moral and spiritual values.

Program Outcomes

1. Apply knowledge of physical , social and natural sciences
2. Perform safe, appropriate humanistic care.
3. Apply guidelines and principles of EBP
4. Practice nursing in accordance with laws, legal and ethical
5. Communicate effectively in speaking , writing
6. Document to include reporting.
7. Work effectively in collaboration with teams.
8. Practice beginning management and leadership skills.
9. Conduct research with an experienced researcher
10. Engage in lifelong learning
11. Demonstrate responsible citizenship
12. Apply techno-intelligent care systems
13. Adopt the nursing core values
14. Apply entrepreneurial skills

Program Objectives

The School of Nursing aims to produce fully God-fearing, globally competitive nurses who are men and women prepared to render service for the community and for the glory of God.

The objectives are as follows:
1. To develop nurses who are compassionate , loving, competent and committed.
2. To mold students to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes for the promotion and restoration of health.
3. To encourage intellectual learning towards critical and creative thinking as well as develop, research capabilities through the use of the nursing process.
4. To develop nurses who will put into practice the legal, social and moral demands of the professions.

P 3,500.00
P 2,300.00
P 2,000.00
P 1,450.00
P 500.00